Simple Steps to Create Memorable & Extraordinary Incentive Trip

by : Admin

24 April 2024

Working in an event organizer industry is often filled with fun, adventurous, and challenging experience in a time. One of the challenging one is handling the incentive trip from the client. When client wants to conduct the incentive trip for their employee, it is not only about having fun, but also having the memorable and extraordinary experience for the selected employee since they have been showed their best performance for the company. This is our role as the event organizer to make the incentive trip becomes the moment money cannot buy. Keep on reading to know the simple steps to do it!

1. Find Famous Local Places 

When the client had decided the place or city they want to visit, as the organizer, we have to start find famous local places there. Try to make the participants filled with the memory by itself first. For example, if the trip destination is Bali, make sure the group will go to Kuta Beach, Sanur, Ubud, 
Tanah Lot, Canggu, other famous destination in Bali. So that they will bring some memories to tell to the world.

2. Explore the Signature of Each Places/Destination

Not just visited the famous place, we also have to explore the signature of each places there. We can give the participants some coupon to do some braids in Kuta beach or having some temporary tattoo there. If they are going to Ubud, don’t ever forget to bicycling around the paddyfield following with some another fun games to add more excited and adrenaline for the participants. After that, the team can enjoy the lunch with extraordinary view around the paddyfield. It is for sure not just enjoyable but also the moment money can’t buy.

3. Create Fun Games Which Relatable with The Client’s Works

Fun and attractive games are a must. A company trip without a fun games is just going to coffee shop but not ordering the coffee. To re-call what they usually do in the office, perhaps as the organizer, we can create some games related to the industry field of the clients. If the clients are from automotive company, we can create games related to automotive. No need a complicated games, just a simple and fun games to make them realize they can enjoy it because of they are part of the company. So, they can remember their work, their office in a fun and different way.

4. Give Extraordinary Gift the Client Cannot Buy Anywhere

Last but not least, give them an extraordinary gift, an exclusive one for each of them. No need to be an expensive one but make sure it can take a place in their heart. Make sure they won’t sell it but keep it in their house or room. Make sure they will proudly tell “I get it from my incentive trip in my office, it is nice, isnt’ it?” to the other people when they are asked where they get the gift. What we want to underline here is, creating incentive trip is not about having fun and release the stress, but creating a memory and make the employee acknowledge that they are special and deserve to get an extra reward from their hardwork in the office. Hence, not only the company management feel that happy because they can get more surplus but also the employee can become more royal to the company because they feel appreciated from the place they give their hardwork.

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